K-12 Institute for Educators

Indspire’s K-12 Institute connects educators of Indigenous students with programs, resources, information, tools and a Professional Learning Community to improve educational outcomes and increase high school completion rates.




National Gathering for Indigenous Education

The National Gathering is a place where educators and partners can share their voices and work together to improve the educational outcomes of K- 12 Indigenous students. Our annual conference attracts hundreds of educators and partners each year – join the conversation!


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Guiding the Journey: Indigenous Educator Awards

Indspire recognizes and celebrates outstanding practicing K-12 educators for their achievement and innovation in Indigenous education.


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K-12 Institute Online Resource Centre

Enhance your teaching with more than 1000 resources. Join the online Professional Learning Community and connect with a network of K-12 Educators of Indigenous Students!


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Peer Support: Educator Mentorship

Connect with K-12 educators of Indigenous students from across Canada to share successful practices that you can integrate into your classroom or school.  Become and mentor or mentee today!


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Soaring: Indigenous Youth Empowerment Gathering

Inspire your students to create a fulfilling career after high school! Participate in our annual Soaring: Indigenous Youth Empowerment Gathering and let your students explore career and post-secondary education options.


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Rivers to Success: Mentoring Indigenous Students

Inspire your students through mentorship! High school students and post-secondary students are matched through an e-mentoring program to guide each other to success.


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