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Words of Encouragement

We know that it has been a challenging time for many of you. We asked Indspire’s donors to share some messages of encouragement to keep your spirits high during these challenging times. See below for some of the amazing words of encouragement they would like you to see.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I am encouraged and inspired by your commitment and perseverance.

Post Secondary education at anytime is a challenge, the pandemic has made that even more difficult.

I have been an educator for over 35 years, now retired, and my best advice is to trust your gut – you have already proved your determination and resilience. When we are trying to learn /process individually or in a team and it just isn’t working – stop, take a break – outside if possible, and when you come back to it try something different. You may want to find another source – the sites or books you are using just may not be”speaking” to you, the way a team has been organized just isn’t productive/supportive. We all learn different things in different ways and finding what works best for you and any team that you are working with is the first step.

– Franklynn Chernin

Remember there is no such thing as failure, unless you give up. Every time you don’t succeed is just a practice session, until you do succeed. Some things take longer to achieve than others. Don’t beat yourself up if every day is not better than the one before as there will be setbacks along the way. It makes success that much sweeter. And when I wanted to put something in perspective I would ask myself to think about what my thoughts on it would be in 5 years time. It’s amazing how many things that I thought were life and death were totally insignificant just a short time later. Hang in there, you are stronger than you realize.

– Deedee Davies

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to make a difference in your world. Every student is growing themselves into a special person. Whatever you have chosen as your education path, it makes a difference.

Blessings to you and your family and everyone supporting you. You can do this! You are stronger than you think.

– Joan Gaetz

As an older Canadian who worked in post-secondary education (Student Services) for many years, I am so proud of your decision to continue your schooling. It is my hope that you have people around you to support and encourage you in your studies. Take one day at a time and celebrate small victories: meeting new friends, getting an assignment done, talking to an instructor after class. You’ve got this.

– Kathy Harper

Find courage and be strong in yourself and in your studies knowing that many people across your homeland support you, pray for you, and have faith in your future! You have much to offer this country and this world. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. Stay safe! Make good choices!

– Deborah Guthrie

You got this!

Studying, working, and caring for your loved ones is a heavy load, but you can handle it. One step at a time, and remember – we’re so proud of you!

– Deb


I’m so proud of your passion for study! You can do this, just keep going as far as you can and as often as you need to!


– Rob Billard

As a recent graduate during this pandemic, I am rooting for you! I know this has been a hard time. I do not know if this will help but I suggest that you mentally give yourself a gold star for every big or little thing you do every day. I found for me this kept me productive in my studies and it helped me be really active during this time. I was able to thrive as a student in the pandemic and I want you to as well. And also, it’s okay to self-care if you need to. Without you, there can be no you that can do the things you’re currently working hard for.

I hope as support for you grows, especially in recent months, that things can get better for you. Canada needs you and all of your voices contributing to make it a better place!

– Zain Rajani

Congratulations – to use baseball imagery, you have stepped up to the plate, and you are going to hit that ball wherever you want it to go! Be careful to stratagize: better to be present and aware every moment than count on being the one who hits the ball out of the park. (In other words, divide up your assignments into doable parts even if it means doing some early; don’t be the student who tries to cram 5000 exams and papers into the last week!) And don’t forget to have fun. At least once a week, laugh yourself silly, stop to smell a wild rose, hug somebody, let yourself be hugged back, and enjoy the whole experience of being you.

– Suzanne Edgar

Congratulations for your work in following your dreams. Sometimes, the road seems long and arduous, but you can do it – I know you can.

We are proud of you.

I am a recently widowed senior who has been luck enough to Have some Indigenous relatives. They have all worked hard to achieve high educational goals and I was lucky enough to help one of them achieve her goals. She is now a Professor at the University of Saskatchewan.

If you need someone to talk to or maybe just give you encouragement, I can help. From personal experience, I know how important that can be.

– Carole Alton

You are an inspirational person. You’ve taken the courageous steps to follow your dreams and make your family’s lives better. Keep up the hard work, it will yield great results.

– Rochelle Relyea

Your hard work will bear fruit. It already has. You are the inspiration for younger students who benefit from your leadership and values.

– Judy Lightwater

Always do your best and never give up. Follow your dreams and remember you have the ability and strength to accomplish anything you can dream. Wishing you every success.

– Vera Askew

I am a senior, and I continue to be inspired by your dedication to fulfilling your dreams to make this world a better place. At your age, we had our own challenges, but I do acknowledge that yours today are particularly intense.

I encourage you to continue to respect hard work and critical thinking. Do not underestimate the power of distractions and indulgences to take you off-course. Stay focused, and be grateful for family and friends. Finally, enjoy what you are doing, knowing that it makes a difference.


– Vicki Rostant

We are so proud of you! We appreciate that what you are trying to accomplish can be hard. But your efforts will be worth it. Hang in there. You can make a positive difference in the world.

To all the hard working students. As we all know it takes a lot of self motivation in tough moments. I hope to encourage you to continue your qualifications and add to them all your lives.I am sending you strength and perservierance wishes for every single day.

– Heidi Carolyn Riggenbach

All of us are faced with great opportunities that are disguised as impossible situations. Keep pushing!

– L. Harry

I didn’t have much growing up but we had a happy family until my teens when i lost my brother and my dad. I really wanted to go to Art school but that was out of the question-no money. I got a student loan and did a one year course that got me into the work force. I eventually got my BA at night school and it took almost 15 years but I did it. I was the first person in my family to get a BA.

I know most of you have had a lot to deal with in your young lives but you can’t let that hold you back. With some determination , you can do it. You deserve it. You have a right to it.

I hope we’ll have a better world in the future where we can all feel equal. Together, let’s make that happen.

Good luck to you in your future endeavours. I’m rooting for you!

– Helen Duplassie

I am one of many many people rooting for you to succeed! You will do great things!

– Kelly M

Don’t give up. This country owes you so much, so reach out and take it. We want you to succeed. This country should be yours, and the further you go, the more it becomes so.

– Charles Randall

Education is the pathway to a wonderful future. Don’t give up, no matter how tempting that may be! We are all pulling for you!

– Anne Marie Ferguson

You can do this. You deserve success in life, however you define it. You are the change we want to see in the world. Individually you might be weak, but as a collective you are strong. Keep a strong heart and know that we are rooting for you all.

– Roberta K

What a year and a half this has been! I am so proud of you for sticking to your studies despite all the uncertainties, ups and downs since COVID started. The lessons you’ve learned inside and outside of class will stay with you your whole life long: you are strong, resilient and creative! As you work towards your goals, know that I am cheering you on and have faith in you – wherever your studies may lead you.

– Anne

Education is the Gateway to many opportunities!

– Ken Flannagan

You can absolutely 100% do this. I went back to university a couple years ago, in my early forties, to pursue a degree that was much more academic than my first, and there were so many times I felt lost and incapable. More than once I took a moment to wonder why the heck I had decided to do this. But those moments passed, and I learned. I pushed myself, and I learned. I stumbled, and I learned. Those moments are part of the journey, say hello to them, breathe, and then keep going. I believe in you!

– Erin Millar

You can do this! I entered university at the age of 44. I was also a single mom. I graduated last year. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much about myself. Stand tall,be proud of who you are and enjoy all the new experiences coming your way. The future needs you. Many blessings to you all.

– Linda Angus

So proud of you. I know your road has not been easy but I know you are paving the way for others to follow.

I am so happy I learned about Indspire through a local charity – I have resolve.

I hope you know that for many Canadians we feel that our eyes have finally been opened to our terrible mistakes of the past and present. As a former teacher, I want to help make your future better.

– Dale Shannon

Getting an education is your pathway to a future of hope and success. A good education will give you the tools to make a positive impact on your family, your friends, your community and your country. A good education will give you self confidence and a sense of well being.

– Daniel Toews

Sending lots of encouraging wishes your way! Please know there are so many of us who are cheering for you and celebrating with you as you accomplish your dreams of contributing to our communities both immediate and country-wide. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to your chosen field of study(ies).

ᐊᕀᐦᐊᕀ (Ayhay)
ᑭᓇᓈᐢᑯᒥᑎᐣ (Kinanâskomitin)
ᒦᒃᐌᒡ (Mîkwêc)

As an educator, I know first hand what a good, quality education offers people. Not only does it offer the promise of hope and stability; it also builds confidence and character, creates opportunities, and empowers you with knowledge. Knowing that you are in the pursuit of your educational goals is an inspiration to everyone but especially the youth who will follow your lead and reimagine their own futures based upon your courageous steps forward. Wishing you much joy and growth in the learning process!

– Jennifer Pouw

We are proud of all that you have accomplished. I admire your spirit. You are part of building a brighter future.

– Linda P.

Forward! One step at a time.

– M Milne

I love reading the stories of your struggle to success. I am as proud of you all as I am of my daughter and grand children.

– Linda Golini

At age 19, I made the decision to become a professional dancer. Ten years later I was the resident choreographer for CTV Network. Never give up your dream.

– Ken

What you do helps to make Canada – the world – a better place.

Seize the opportunity to fulfill your potential. You are inspiring people around you!

Being a student is not always easy, but in these times, particularly difficult. Keep going!

Knowledge is a comfortable and necessary retreat and shelter for us in an advanced age; and if we don’t plant it while young, it will give us no shade when we are old. Knowledge is power.

– Clinton A.M. – P.T.O

Good Luck with your studies.

Believe in yourself and you will be surprised how many others will believe in you, too. Each person has their own gifts and story. We need you all! You are on your journey – keep going.

I am so happy all of you are getting an education or being trained for a trade. A lot of people will hire you. I pray for all of you.

– Elizabeth (Betty) V

I am delighted to contribute to the Indspire fund. I hope my small gift will make a lot of difference. All the best!

– Fran McKeague

I’m sure you know how crucial education is to your future and the future of your family and community. So hang in there. You can do this and many are supporting you.

– Glen Davis

My dear friends, I came from the Czech Republic in 1969 without anything, with 2 children and a husband. It was very difficult and I didn’t know any English. But what you people went through is terrible. I wish you the best since only education is the answer. Courage.

– Emilie Hejna

“Be the change you want to see in the world. Be the light we all need. We’re all one. Revel in your education.

– Donor from Vancouver

Three Simple Rules of Life:

  1. If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.
  2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
  3. If you do not step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.

Never give up!

– Bud from Calgary

I will be 80 years old Dec 27 2020, my big one. Many people don’t make it to 80 years, so I am lucky. Because of COVID-19 I will postpone my big birthday party until next year. Don’t give up on your education, even if you have to wait a year. I was born in Lloydminster Saskatchewan 80 years ago. “Life has its up and downs.” Don’t rush life, you have 80 years to get there. God bless.

Dear Student, it is so good that you have been given support to follow your dreams through education. Your gifts and your insights are needed in the world! Never give up!

– Jane Keeler

I am so grateful to see young people who strive to strengthen their educational standing… it gives me a good feeling to offer my support to this end.

– Paul Benson

I am a nurse (retired now), education will always help you throughout your life. Good luck with you studying.

– Lynne

Sometimes the going will get rough, but keep a stuff upper lip and go forward. Niá:wen.

I love all of you! Native people are wonderful! I know you will do well! Do not forget your language and beliefs!

– Freda Von Gernet

Dear people! Yes, you inspire me to write this message! Keep on going!

Remember the seeds of personal growth and greatness are the failures, and pain and suffering, of today.

– Brian

I’m a retired teacher of English and know the value of education. I also know that students face tremendous challenges to meet their goals. I want you to know that I am so proud of you, that I hope you have caring, wise, and inspiring teachers, and I wish you every success in meeting your goals.

– Jennifer Walcott

Dear Students,

Believe in the power, the pride, the great beauty and strength of your culture and Identity of birth.

Your ancestors are cheering you on with all your endeavours to better yourself with learning and dignity. You are the regeneration of your culture, gifting us with your talents, your wisdom and intelligence from your healing journey and learnings.

– Ruth Shushan

May God bless you as you continue to follow your dreams.

– Patricia Ruth

Wishing you success with your studies – and also your impact on Non-Indigenous colleagues, who can/will/must! learn from you.

– Michael Meagher

Focus not on how far you have to go but on how far you’ve already come. Be open to possibilities and to change. Walk with hope in your heart.

– Donor from Vancouver

Hi Friends,

This year must be especially tough for many of you. Far from family or trying to learn via Zoom-teach, you may be feeling pretty depressed about it all. Please, please stick with it. Your community needs young educated people to return home and be the leaders of tomorrow. They’re counting on you!!! If you’re sad, call family or friends. Don’t let the spiral of depression begin. Put on some music, dance, drum. Watch a YouTube video called “Feel the Inoukness”, which always works for me.

Good luck to all of you, and stay strong!!!

We believe in you!

– The Mirza Family

I enjoy reading of your endeavours and successes particularly in these difficult times. You are the future leaders, not only in your community, but for all of Canada.

– A donor from Nova Scotia

Please keep faith in your abilities and work towards your dreams of the future. It’s harder for you, especially because of the pandemic, but don’t give up. A lot of people like me are rooting for you. Best wishes.

– Valerie Gale

You are valued.

– Donor from Vancouver

Apart from having a good childhood, education is the most important goal. I had to travel from up north to Victoria to pursue post high school training, it was worth it.

– Camille

Keep up the good work! There are people who wish you well – and keep you in their thoughts and prayers – and who wish they could do more to help you!

– Donor from Vancouver

Remember – everyone is special – there is no one like you – Don’t ever give up. God loves you and gives you his peace.

– Ray

Warmest wishes for the holiday season and keep up being a remarkable young person we can all be proud of.

– Maryann

Dear Students, you are the future hope of our world. You have the ability to bring the peace and harmony that we all long for. We are all one. Blessings to you all.

– Mary

With this small gift are my prayers for health and safety for you and yours, praise in your successes, in your determination and strength to continue on your path, encouragement of your many continued successes. Also to suggest to focus, as you work through the injustices, hardships, pain and more, on the strengths, the strong foundations you are building, and confidence you share with yours.

– Dianne H.

Very best wishes.

– Donor from Vancouver

Just to let you know that there are people that care for you. Keep up your studies. God Bless.

– Jimmi (James Way)

Hang in there! Your education is worth it. Someday we will look back on these COVID days and, with luck, laugh about the craziness of the time.

– Kay (Kay Yee)

You are incredible for trying to get an education despite the barriers facing you. Keep on improving yourself every day. The Creator and your family are proud of you. Stay strong!

– Donor from Vancouver

Get an education and doors of opportunity will open for you – lifelong! Enjoy!

– Donor from Vancouver

There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, there will be mistakes, but with hard work there are no limits! Never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do! I am 90 years old and grateful for my hard working, mostly happy long life and I wish the same for each of you!

– Jocelyn (Joy) Hogg

Keep your eyes focused on your goals and future – You can do this! Stay positive.

– Linda Orme

You’re not alone many are cheering for your success. May Canadians listen to the wisdom of Indigenous peoples, like you.

– Lynn

Even though it can be very hard even lonely at times, getting an education is one of the very best things you can do for your long-term well-being and for your future and the future of your family.

– Donor from Vancouver

Learn! Grow strong in your culture! Try to be one who helps remove the scales of ignorance from many eyes- of all colours. I bless your efforts!

– Jerry Mercer (Lucky old white guy who just got woke!)

Wishing you much success and a happy life!

– Elsa

In 1969 another man and I lived in a 2 room cabin- as our students did. We loved being with those young adults and have loved being with Blackfoot, Tsuut’ina and Nakota adults (at Morley, AB). Your people have greatly enriched my life.

– David Sweeney

I’m a bilingual Secondary School teacher.

I can’t begin to humbly feel, know and much less understand the past. However, the only thing that I know which brings success to anyone, is firstly, not to give up, and secondly, only repeated and continued hard work can bring you success. ‘YES WE CAN’ (Obama). ‘Remettez cent fois votre métier à l’ouvrage’. The translation that comes closest would be:

‘Don’t give up, and keep that resilience going, no matter what,’ Or ‘Put your craft back to work a hundred times’.

Do not frown on your past, and regret the struggles, hardships, nor the obstacles, for it is because of that suffering which has shaped you into the person you are today, with all the knowledge and experience, not forgetting what you had to endure that defines you, and become that special person that you are.

There is hope, and when we think there isn’t, at that very moment, suddenly, hope always springs up to manifest what was already there.

– Joyce Gagnon

I am just darn proud of you and hope you will do all you can to govern Canada

– Emily Best

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.

– Jeremy Hodgson

Incorporate what you experience in your life with what you are learning in school and you will contribute to building effective, compassionate, and successful solutions for the future. Your knowledge and efforts are important and appreciated.

– Rebecca Johnston

Knowing that you are engaged and dedicated to your studies inspires me. You will the leaders of the future, and that gives me great hope for family, our country and world. When things get tough, remember that you are not alone. Reach out to those around you, help and support is all around you, all you have to do is ask! Also, remember to take care of yourselves and take time out for fun it will give you new energy and passion for your studies.

– Crystal Sissons

WOW! You are doing amazing work!! Staying focused on school work is hard, let alone during a global pandemic. Take one day at a time, and if you need a break then take it. Breaks are VERY important (maybe have a little treat too :)) I’m so proud of you no matter what! You’ve ALREADY changed the world just by being you. Keep going, you got this.

– Erin Conway

Remember this note of encouragement when you’re half awake at 4:00am trying to finish an essay for an irritating professor: every single thing you do can be a gift to this world. You just have to have the courage to make that choice. And you, my friends, are already so courageous! You are strong and resilient and influential and determined. Even though it might be late and you can’t stretch out the words in that essay any longer, remember the hugely important impact you as students have on others. On your family. On your friends. On people who wholeheartedly support your mission to Indspire this world. I know that I am not alone when I say that your courage is noticed. We as Canadians are here for you. Be proud of yourself and be proud of your identity–and don’t give up on that essay!!

– Naomi

Life is super tough, I’m sure we can all agree on that. In moments of discomfort, difficulty, and challenges, just know that nothing is permanent. This too shall pass.

It can be easy to get caught up in our stories and our thoughts — and in this moment, what can you do to take care of your mind, body and spirit? Sometimes it’s easy to sacrifice ourselves for a greater purpose. Taking care of ourselves with compassion and warmth can help us be that much more impactful in the work we do, whether it’s studying for a final or standing up against oppression and social injustice.

May you find peace, grace and warmth in your journey. You’re doing great. I love you and I believe in you!

– Juno Kim

Years ago government bursaries helped me obtain a post secondary education. With summer jobs even harder to find today it is essential that persons wanting any form of post secondary education not be held back for financial reasons. It is a pleasure to assist you in achieving your goal. Thank you for your commitment and determination.

– Bill

I am rooting for you and wish you every happiness. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished!

– Isabel Magnoli

If it weren’t for scholarships, post-secondary education would have been unavailable for me. The insights I gained, and the ability to think through issues with a clear mind, are just as valuable to me as what I learned about music, my major.

I hope college and/or university is as helpful to you!

– Leila Lustig

Success comes from hard work, so keep working hard. Your drive and determination will help you reach your goals. Just keep at it even though it is not always easy. You can do it. I wish you the very best in your studies.

– Pat Murphy

It’s fantastic what you are doing and we wish you all the best as you continue in your growing and learning. Bravo!

– Louise McColl

Congratulations for your achievement so far. I offer my ongoing support and encouragement for you to be resilient and diligent in your continuing efforts of self development.

– Linden Holmen

Please continue to pursue your dreams and your goals and your passions – Canada needs you as leaders and teachers, including leaders in government, leaders in health, leaders in education. We hope you will share your wisdom and your ways of seeing, and your culture, voices and stories. I pray within my heart that the eyes and ears of Canada open to you, like a flower turning towards the sun. Bring your light and be your true self in whatever path you are choosing. Even though our paths may never cross, please know in your heart that there are many people, like myself, cheering for you and wishing you success and happiness.

Please keep going, you are important, and you can make amazing things happen for your generation and generations to come.
You can do it.

– Meaghan Jefferson

Congratulations on all your hard work. You can and are doing it. Take a moment to pause and celebrate yourself. You have many people who believe in you.

– Elizabeth Hargrave

I am so happy that more First Nations youths are going on for further education. And am happy that there are those who are providing some of the means to make this happen.

Go to it, bright young leaders of today

– Ed Bowen

You’re doing amazing. I’m so proud of you! Keep up the hard work and never stop believing in yourself.

You are an inspiration! Thank you for taking the step to follow your dreams in education! I hope this support can help get you there. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best! You got this!

– Emily McKay

It is been my pleasure to help in the smallest way to assist any student to get an education. I believe education is instrumental to a successful life and the more people that can get an education the better chance we have of making the world a better place. I wish every student who might have the opportunity to receive an Indspire bursary or otherwise every success in their education and their lives ahead. All the best to you all.

– Karen Chow

You are the future. Lead us well.

– Judy Lightwater

You are smart. You are resilient. You can inspire the world to learn through Indigenous ways of knowning.

– Lora

May you have the focus, willpower and tenacity to overcome the hurdles before you. You represent the best of Canada.

– Ray Edger

Completing school while working and juggling family and other responsibilities is hard. I know, since I am doing it too! While you are and will always be more than your grades, remember your final goal and why you wanted to study your subject in the first place. It helps to picture what your educational goal will add to your life, and imagine how good it will feel to have finished your studies, the sense of pride and accomplishment you will have that no one can take away. Imagine how it will benefit your families and communities, or how you can use it to make an impact in the world. You are showing impressive courage, optimism, and perseverance, and you are proving to yourselves and the world that you can do it! Keep going. You’re on your way.

The path ahead is bright, entertain every opportunity that comes your way, even the ones you least expected. Not every path is clear from the start, take comfort in knowing the journey evolves and the best things to come are those you cannot predict. Success is unique to every individual, so may you find success that fulfills your own needs, goals and aspirations. The best has yet to come. Stay determined, you’ve got this!

– Sarah Y

Believe in yourself and know that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Good luck.

– Lorrie Fern

Keep your head held high, focus on the positives and talk to the elders in your life.I returned for university education at the age of 45. I am a proud graduate who’s last semester went sideways due to covid. If I can do it so can you! Sending blessings and love.

– Linda Angus

Stick with your goal, even if it takes longer than you hoped, and even if you run into some problems. You’ll develop such confidence in yourself when you accomplish your goal. I believe you have a lot to offer.

– Rosalind

Education is a major component of personal development and essentially freedom from most forms of ignorance.

Enjoy your journey and I hope you reach your goals.

To all the students who are working hard each and everyday to pursue their studies, know that you are investing in yourself, in your future and in your community at large and I thank you for that. As a lifelong learner myself, I strongly believe that getting an education broadens our knowledge, invites us to see/learn other points of view, encourages us to meet others and push the boundaries of our comfort zone and is more than worth the effort. I wish everyone all the success they deserve. And I hope that you will continue to learn all through your lives and inspire others to do the same. Bravo to all and keep on learning!

– Francine Poissant

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished so far! Your academic journey may seem daunting at times, but you have the passion and resilience to thrive and flourish. Remember there are so many people cheering for you!

– Debbie Yee

“Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is.” – Anne Frank

– Cathy Bond

My support to all students. The reward comes at the end of your hard work. After the degree it gets a bit easier.

Most of all you will be proud of your accomplishment. This in turn makes us all proud of you.


– Bill Namagoose

Good Morning my friend,

I grew up during WW2 and the London, England blitz and the food shortages and I did NOT finish High School. On Saturdays I had been working in Woolworths and when I left school I started work as an office Junior. I emigrated to Canada in 1965 in my early 30’s and married for a second time. At age 39, almost 40 I gave birth to a wonderful son (now aged 48 this month. And when he was growing up I started going to York University. BTW U of T had turned me down because I had never completed High School. Then, when I had some A’s and B’s from York U of T accepted me and because I took 2 summer courses as well every year, I graduated with a BA after 4 years. Now, it wasn’t easy and I self diagnosed that I have always had ADD (attention deficit disorder). The whole experience for me to study/read/write essays and exams – I liken the experience to ‘pulling teeth’. All to tell you that it was all worth it just to know I could finally attain a degree. My advice to you my friend is simply this: HANG IN THERE it is all worth it to know you have achieved something so important. I have my Graduation photo on the wall to the left of me and the BA Certificate in front of me as I type this to you. I should explain that I am sitting in a small space so these reminders are close to me. I send you my Best Wishes and all the encouragement I can offer. And finally, one step at a time go on to get your MA and then your PhD. Love June Gurvich born August 21 1933.

– June Gurvich

There will be moments during your educational journey that will test you and challenge your resiliency. When they show up, own them and lean into the challenge because this is your journey. Remember that there is no growth without first being conflicted, own the conflict and then celebrate the growth. I honour you in your knowledge acquisition and encourage you to honour yourself. Haa’mii’yaa, Thank you.

– Duane Jackson

Sending lots of good wishes for your success, I know you can do it! I’m looking forward to reading about the great things you accomplish 🙂

– Sharon

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain

Be kind to yourself and enjoy this wonderful journey you are on.

– Jean McClure


I’m a retired teacher living in Toronto.

I donate to Inspire because I truly believe that Canada needs the skills and contributions of indigenous students to help make Canada a better, fairer, more equal post-colonialist country.

Keep focused, work hard and the world is yours.

– Brooke Lydbrooke

I am happy to support young Indigenous women and men pursue education to improve their lives and their communities. For too long successive Canadian governments have shirked their obligations and promises to First Nations. I hope that on your journey you will learn from the Elders and keep your culture alive. It has much to teach us. Stay safe.

– Lily Cooper

First I’ll say that I’m proud of you for taking this path, and having the initiative to pursue your studies, and showing that you have the stamina and determination to continue in the face of a world that the pandemic has changed, at a time when finances may be challenging. Just making the commitment to education is an accomplishment, and I applaud you for that. I hope that by offering some financial support, I can make your burden a little lighter, and you can enjoy these years more, and benefit greatly from your learning.

– Maria Borkowski

I believe in you and am proud of you. I know school can be tough are there are good days and bad days. Take care of yourself, you are doing an amazing job!

– Janet

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best in your studies. We are cheering you on and sending our love!

– Alicia


I just want to wish you all the best – please know that I am thinking of you, your your families and your larger communities.

You matter a great deal and I care about your future!

– Adrianne Pieczonka

You are already a SUCCESS! Keep in mind that your efforts and your achievements help to contribute in many ways to a brighter future for all peoples. Thank you for staying the course.

– Ray Silver

Congratulations on accessing the educational resources to help you realize your dreams for the future. I know you will make the world a better place!

– Karen

I am learning so much as a descendant of settlers and am understanding more and more the challenges you and your ancestors have overcome. I wish you the best in your studies and career aspirations and hope my small contribution makes things a little bit easier. Know that I am on your side.

– Walt Sepic

Congratulations on pursuing your dreams! I hold you in my heart as you study.

– Rita

Against all odds.

I’m a woman that owns and runs a construction company and must compete with my male counterparts. Yes, there is still inequality.

Here is what I’ve learned throughout my career. The most important thing is “Set Goals” – if you don’ t know where you are going, how do you know when you get there?

Drown out the negative and keep your thoughts positive because you know you can do this!

You can make a change.

– Zuzika Hoare

I am inspired by reading the accomplishments of many of the students that INDSPIRE has assisted. I know that my small donation will be put to good use. Education is an important part of everyone’s life and this last year has been hard for everyone. Keep on the path that you are on and you will do well!

– Joanne Bailey

YOU will be the leaders to create profound significant changes in our systems and institutions.

Believe in yourselves and in your capacity to do great things!

With encouragement and hope.

When you think you’re at your lowest, know that we’re here to raise you up. We’ve got your back and we care a great deal about you. Reach for the stars and soar! You’ll get there, I promise.

– Vanessa Buttino

Dear Student;

I want you to know you are valued and important. Think of the lives you will impact and change with your presence in this world. You can and will move mountains! Do not give up on your dreams. Do not sell yourself short. You’ve got this!

– Jennie Boutilier

Hello dear students!

I hope you’re all staying healthy.

It has indeed been challenging for you and your professors.

Your goals and aspirations seem a distant dream but try to stay focused on how important your education is.

I know you will succeed and I send you my warmest wishes.

– Deborah Boisvert

Please remember that you have your own set of abilities which you can use to help yourself along with others who you meet as your life continues. Also, keep in mind that flexibility is a strength; it can move you through your life.

– Delaine Faulkner

Dear Student, Always remind yourself how far you have come, no matter how difficult the road ahead my appear. Learn from failures and this will build you successes. Trust in God’s guidance and the helping hands of those who love you.Never stop learning, this will be your greatest asset in life! Happy trails


Last year in March I stood, as a white ally, with Wet’suwet’en and others at the legislature in Victoria. I learned a great deal during those cold days that were days of inspiration. The most important thing I learned was the power of leadership by the Indigenous youth leading those days, youth who were hard at work on university degrees. I think in 50 years or less, Canada will be fortunate to be run by Indigenous peoples, such as you who are now studying against tremendous odds in many cases, I am happy to have recently discovered Indspire and to support you. I am 79 this year. I have a Master’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Education along with personal trauma healing is a power combination. Keep at your studies no matter how tiring or tedious. Keep your end goal in sight and all the annoyances and difficulties of the moment will be background to your goal in the foreground. Do self care each day. Go out into Nature even if you only have 10 minutes with a tree’s wisdom. Or a rock’s which you can carry in your pocket to remind yourself of all the love and support you have, from people you know and people you have not yet met. Women, support each other. Get a doctorate so men are less able to talk down to you as you stand, a leader. We would all like sexism to be a thing of the past, but it is not, any more than racism is. I look forward to reading more stories of your successes and to supporting you as I am able.

– Naida Hyde

I am grateful for this opportunity to show support for the Indigenous community, especially the young people, as one way of expressing my respect and caring. I believe we have the potential to heal our mutual future. Your hard work in your studies now counts so much toward building the positive opportunities that you deserve. I wish each and every one of you success in your goals!

– Laura Wattie

Learning new things can be challenging as well as fun and fulfilling. Be strong and enjoy the journey.

– Joan