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Awards Policy

July 2018
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This Policy and Procedure sets out the reasons for and the manner in which the Board of Directors of Indspire (“Board”) may revoke the grant of an Indspire Award or Guiding the Journey: Indigenous Educator Award (“Award”) to a recipient.


The Board may revoke the grant of an Award if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the conduct of the recipient constitutes a significant departure from generally accepted standards of public behaviour which is seen to undermine the credibility and integrity of the Award and its other recipients, or detracts from the original grounds on which the Award was granted to the recipient.

The Board’s decision shall be based on evidence and guided by the principle of fairness and shall only be made after the Board has ascertained the relevant facts relating to the case under consideration.


The revocation process will proceed as set out below.

The President & CEO shall consider any request made in writing by a member of the public to revoke the grant of an Award. If the President and CEO determines that there may be reasonable grounds for the revocation of the Award, the President & CEO shall forward the request to the Executive Committee of the Board. If the President & CEO determines that the request does not set out reasonable grounds for the revocation of the Award, the President & CEO shall so inform in writing the author of the request.

The President & CEO may also on their own initiative forward a request in writing to the Executive Committee of the Board asking it to consider the revocation of an Award.

Where the Executive Committee of the Board has received a request in writing to consider the revocation of an Award, the Chair of the Board shall send a letter (“notice letter”), by registered mail, to the Award recipient, advising them that the revocation of their Award is under consideration by the Executive Committee of the Board, and setting out the allegations of fact that constitute the basis for which the revocation of the Award is being considered.

The notice letter shall also advise the recipient that within the time stipulated in the letter or within the time otherwise subsequently permitted by the Chair of the Board:

  1.  They may renounce the Award by advising the President & CEO in writing. If the recipient renounces the Award, the Executive Committee will not consider the request to revoke the Award any further;
  2. They may make representations in writing respecting the allegations of fact in the notice letter or the revocation of the Award; and
  3. If they do not proceed with either a) or b) above, after expiration of the stipulated time, the Executive Committee will continue with its consideration of request to revoke the Award.

The Chair shall forward to the Executive Committee all relevant documents, including any representations reviewed from the Award recipient to the Executive Committee for its consideration. The Executive Committee shall consider the issue of revocation of the Award and shall advise the Board in writing of its findings and recommendation. The Board shall consider the Executive Committee’s findings and recommendations and determine, in its sole discretion, whether to revoke the Award.

After the Board has made its decision, the Chair shall notify the Award recipient in writing of the Board’s decision.

If the decision of the Board is to revoke the Award, the recipient’s name will be removed as an Award recipient from all records maintained by Indspire.

Approved by the Board of Directors of Indspire on September 30th 2016.