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Indspire Awards:
Celebrating Indigenous Achievement

June 22, 2021

The Indspire Awards represents the highest honour the Indigenous community bestows upon its own people. After 27 years, the Indspire Awards have honoured 373 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievement. The show is a nationally broadcast celebration of culture showcasing the diversity of Indigenous peoples in Canada including performances by Canada’s biggest names in Indigenous entertainment.

Watch the 2020 Indspire Awards

The 2020 Indspire Awards honours ten (10) First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals who exemplify Indigenous excellence and whose stories inspire, uplift, and educate Canadians about the tremendous contributions Indigenous people make to our country. The 2020 Indspire Awards was filmed in Ottawa, Ontario at the National Arts Centre.

Following an investigation into allegations of personal and professional conduct that are a significant departure from generally accepted standards of public behaviour, Indspire has revoked its 2020 Indspire Award for the Arts given to Cowboy Smithx.

Meet the 2020 Indspire Award Recipients

Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Youth – First Nations

Alicia Aragutak

Youth – Inuit

Alana Robert

Youth – Métis

Dawn Madahbee Leach

Business and Commerce

Claudette Commanda

Culture, Heritage and Spirituality

Candice Lys


Karen Lawford


Marian Jacko

Law and Justice

Gina Wilson

Public Service

Jeannette Corbiere Lavell

Lifetime Achievement


To read more about the Indspire Award recipients, please visit our Laureates page for full biographies.

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