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Learning Bird Case Study

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Bring Indigenous ways of learning together to help transform education

Learning Bird and Indspire first worked together in 2016 to celebrate Indigenous ways of learning at the National Gathering for Indigenous Education. In the years since, Learning Bird has continued to be involved as a tradeshow sponsor where they engage directly with educators to share tools and resources that integrate Indigenous ways of learning into the classroom.

Learning Bird was founded on the principle that students learn best when the content they are engaging with is interesting and relevant to them. This principle has carried Learning Bird’s work across Canada and is infused in their school and language programs. The shared goal of celebrating and transforming Indigenous education brought Learning Bird and Indspire together at the National Gathering to bring this important work to hundreds of educators from across Canada each year. 

Learning Bird’s strong focus on cultural relevance and approach to community partnership continues to inspire and motivate educators in their journey to transform education and Inspire is proud of the good work we do together.