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Research Assistant Program

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Research Assistant Program

The Research Assistant program provides a supportive learning environment for up-and-coming Indigenous researchers to receive hands-on work experience in quantitative research and data analysis roles.

This program will expose Research Assistants to a wide range of skills transferable to academic and professional settings through a combination of formal module training and workshops, hands-on work experience contributing to Indspire’s research agenda, and experience leading self-directed research projects. They will learn how to work effectively in a remote environment, enabling more Indigenous researchers to work in and for their home communities.

We are also looking to recruit mentors who will provide guidance to the Research Assistants: Indigenous professionals in the fields of analytics, economics, statistics, and applied research.

Join us as a…

Research Assistant

You are:

  • A First Nations, Inuit, or Métis student in your final year of an undergraduate degree or higher—or you’ve completed a degree in the past two years
  • Interested in attending graduate school or working in a research-related career

You have:

  • A drive to learn, especially in a fast-paced, hands-on environment
  • An introductory exposure to statistics and economics material with strong numeracy skills
  • A genuine interest in learning more about statistics and econometrics in an applied context
  • A capacity to read and understand data from a variety of sources and synthesize understanding across multiple data sources
  • An interest in applying data science in an Indigenous context in Canada to support and promote Indigenous interests
  • A desire to contribute to the national understanding of Indigenous education and labour market outcomes

About the Role

The position responsibilities of the Research Assistants include:

  • Producing research results under supervision
  • Creating content for Indspire’s cornerstone reports
  • Participating in online training and mentorship, as well as in person
  • Developing materials for communicating results, including reports, blog entries, videos and other resources
  • Cleaning and evaluating current data holdings
  • Supporting Indspire in developing research directions
  • Working in a small team to manage projects and produce research results
  • Providing feedback on program objectives for reporting
  • Supporting the Research and Impact Unit in responding to data requests


You are:

  • A First Nations, Inuit, or Métis professional pursuing a career in an analytic field: statistics, analytics, economics, applied research
  • Willing to work collaboratively with Indspire’s Research Nest Team
  • Interested in being a mentor to the next generation of Indigenous researchers, statisticians, economists, and scientists

If you are interested in joining the Research Assistant Program as a Research Assistant or Mentor, please send us an email at research@indspire.ca.


If you have any questions regarding the Research Assistant Program, please email research@indspire.ca or call 1-855-INDSPIRE (463-7747).