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Yes, I want to help Indigenous students succeed by making a cryptocurrency gift to Indspire!

Through your generous gift, Indspire is able to provide scholarships and bursaries to Indigenous post-secondary students across Canada, as well as other programs that support them during their education. Thanks to our trusted partner CanadaHelps, Indspire accepts cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ether)!

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What is cryptocurrency?

By definition, cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records are maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority. Currently, CanadaHelps is accepting Bitcoin and Ether as donations for Indspire.

What is CanadaHelps?

CanadaHelps connects people to charities and provides online donation and fundraising tools that makes giving to charities simple. They maintain the industry’s lowest payment processing fees so your donation dollars work harder. CanadaHelps is a secure platform that is utilized and trusted by thousands of Canadian charities, including Indspire.

Why donate with Cryptocurrency?

Donating with cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular, especially with younger Canadian donors who are looking to support charities like Indspire. Millions of Canadians own cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ether. Donations processed are secure transactions and donors receive a tax-receipt for a cryptocurrency donation.

Will I receive a tax-receipt for my crypto donation?

Yes, donors will receive a tax receipt by email through CanadaHelps once the cryptocurrency donation is processed and the transaction has been finalized. The donation receipt reflects the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency at the time it was sold. The amount disbursed to Indspire reflects the actual price at the time of sale, less the non-commercial CanadaHelps fee.

What are the fees for donating Cryptocurrency through CanadaHelps?

A cryptocurrency donation fee can range between 2.0% and 3.0%. Learn more about CanadaHelps breakdown of fees on their website.

What is the conversion value of Canadian dollars to Cryptocurrencies?

Like all currencies, the value of Canadian dollars to both Bitcoin and Ether can change on a daily basis. Through the CanadaHelps cryptocurrency donation page, the conversion rate is displayed based on approximation only due to the fluctuating nature of the cryptocurrency market.

What is CanadaHelps Cryptocurrency policy?

CanadaHelps only accepts Bitcoin or Ether cryptocurrency. Only pledges meeting the minimum donation amount of $100 will be accepted. Read CanadaHelps’ full cryptocurrency policy on their website.

Other ways to give cryptocurrency

Indspire accepts all forms of payments. Donors can make a gift by cashing in their cryptocurrency and providing the proceeds to Indspire by cheque or credit card.

For more information, contact:

Kate Espina
Director, Major Gifts
(416) 987-0262

Legal name: Indspire
Registered Charitable Number: 118834696RR0001

Thank you for making a gift of impact with cryptocurrency to Indspire!

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