The Need Is Urgent

Only 10% of Indigenous students complete university degrees compared to 27% of other Canadian students.*

The key barrier: lack of finances. This is a disheartening loss of human potential and talent.


Did you know?

  • Indigenous youth are Canada’s fastest growing demographic group.*
  • Lack of finances is the greatest barrier to completing post-secondary education for Indigenous people.**
  • Indigenous students do not receive full funding for their education, contrary to popular belief.

Repeatedly, we have seen that investing in one Indigenous student leads to benefits for their immediate family and many generations to come, helping to create a path out of poverty and towards success for more than just that one student. Supporting Indigenous education makes economic sense for Canada.

“By closing the education and employment achievement gap between Indigenous and other Canadians, Canada could save more than $115 billion over 15 years while adding more than $401 billion to the country’s GDP.” – Centre of the Study of Living Standards, 2010.


How Does Indspire Help Students?

Indspire responds to this urgent need by providing financial support to Indigenous students so they can complete their education, become self-sufficient, enhance their ability to support their families, and give back to their communities. Indspire provides bursaries and scholarships to eligible students to help them complete their education and training for careers in many growth sectors of the Canadian economy.


A Proven Track Record of Success

Indspire is the largest funder of Indigenous education outside the federal government. It is a financially accountable, national, registered charity that has a proven track record of delivering effective programs and achieving tangible results. Indspire has disbursed $79 million through almost 25,000 bursaries and scholarships to Indigenous students.


* Statistics Canada
* Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Study, Environics