Brenda Chambers

Brenda Chambers has promoted First Nations, Métis and Inuit media and communications initiatives for 20 years, in her varied roles as independent producer, broadcasting, trainer, lobbyist and mentor. Born in Whitehorse, she studied audio-visual production at Grant MacEwan College and then returned to create a show for Northern Native Broadcasting. In 1986, she began working on Nedaa, NNB’s flagship magazine program and continued her education through a program in documentary production from Ryerson University. In 1991, while working as Executive Director for NNBY, Brenda created programs for the newly formed Television Northern Canada.

Ms. Chambers joined the group that approached the CRTC and Heritage Canada to create a southern Aboriginal network, later known as APTN. In 1999, she created Venturing Forth, a program now in its fifth season that focuses on Aboriginal business, language, culture and youth. In 2001, she was instrumental in creating and delivering the Aboriginal Film and Television certificate program at Capilano College. Ms. Chambers is a former board member of APTN, recipient of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Award in 2003, the Global Indigenous Entrepreneur Award from the World Summit of Indigenous Entrepreneurs in 2003 and an Aboriginal Media Arts Award for Venturing Forth. Brenda Chambers lives in Kelowna, BC.