• "I grew up in poverty and experienced more racism than I would like to remember. I realized that my calling was to integrate Indigenous culture with my education and work to revitalize our community. Today I am a father of three, with a 3.63 GPA and working on completing my Honours Degree in Arts. Indspire: thank you for believing in me. Your support has allowed me to make my dreams a reality."
News for Students
Building Brighter Futures: Bursaries, Scholarships, and Awards   Indspire helps thousands of Indigenous students complete their education through bursaries, scholarships, and awards. The next application deadline is November 1, 2016. Please help Indspire spread the word about this opportunity for First Nation, Inuit, and M├ętis students! More info!
News for Educators
Wampum belts in the Classroom
This webinar will introduce how to incorporate wampum belts in the classroom. Our host Cheryl Red Eagle will review a lesson that includes some wampum belts significant to the Haudenosaunee people, including the Hiawatha Belt, the Two Row Belt, the Everlasting Tree Belt, and the George Washington Covenant Belt. She will explain the meanings behind the belts, as well as the importance of the belts, and the significance of wampum beads.
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