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Vincent Design Scholarship Fund

The Vincent Design Scholarship Fund provides educational funding to Indigenous Youth pursuing postsecondary studies in graphic design and related programs. Every student’s story is different, but the financial gap for many under-served Indigenous Youth is still apparent. The Vincent Design Scholarship Fund aims to reduce barriers to educational success for Indigenous youth while encouraging their future careers and contributions in the visual arts.

This scholarship is administered by Indspire; student applications are adjudicated by Vincent Design. Vincent Design will also participate in a mentorship journey with successful awardees through their academic career, continuous to a post-graduation placement or practicum.

Indspire is providing 1:1 matching funds for this scholarship.

About Vincent Design

Vincent Design is a creative marketing company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Under the leadership and hands-on design work of Founder and Creative Director Shaun Vincent, we’ve earned a positive reputation as leaders in Indigenous design. Our work with Canadian Geographic on the branding, design, print and production of the new Indigenous People’s Atlas of Canada is just one of the many Indigenous design projects we have been honoured to contribute to.

Learn more about us at vincentdesign.ca.

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