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Winston Wuttunee

Culture, Heritage & Spirituality (2013)

“If you practice hard, one day the world will call you.”

He is a renowned Cree entertainer and respected Elder. Wuttunee’s songs carry strong messages of cultural pride to help his people through difficult situations such as suicide, lost identity and drug and alcohol abuse. Storytelling is his method of reaching out and sharing traditional knowledge. He has performed extensively across Canada, the United States and overseas for more than 35 years. He held a teaching position at the University of Brandon in the Indigenous music course and played a prominent role in the publishing of the Aboriginal Headstart Course. With a strong passion for education, he played a key role in developing a cultural curriculum for the Laichwiitach Family Life Society and contributed to educational and cultural books for use in friendship and resource centres. More recently, he has been approached by the Treaty Rights Commission of Manitoba to write music for programs delivered to schools throughout Manitoba. Currently, Wuttunee has been speaking to university students about the joys and positive effects of Indigenous music.