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Susan Point

Arts (2005)

Ms. Point is a visual artist who has played an integral role in raising the profile of Coast Salish art on the local, national and international levels. Her art encompasses a diverse range of materials and styles, from the traditional to the contemporary.  Born in 1952, Ms. Point makes her home in Vancouver. She has developed her own personal style, producing her fine art in precious metals, serigraphs, wood block prints and acrylic paintings. Her glass plates and glass panels are instantly recognizable as the work of Susan Point. Her other fine art pieces can be found in collections at home and abroad. A self-taught artist, she began exploring and creating large-scale public art in various mediums using stain glass steel, glass, bronze, concrete, wood, terra cotta and forton casting in 1990. Her large works have led to collaborations with developers, architects and theatrical productions. After several projects were realized it was obvious Ms. Point was leaving a Coast Salish footprint upon the land. Her large scale works welcome visitors to the Vancouver International Airport, as well as to public buildings and corporate developments. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria and a YMCA Woman of Distinction Award in the Arts and Culture category. Ms. Point is realizing her vision that will, no doubt, inspire artists and admirers for generations to come.