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Richard Wagamese

Media & Communications (2012)

“Story is everything. Work only for the story’ s sake and leave all else to Creator. This is the recipe for success.”

Richard Wagamese has shared his incredible gift of writing with many audiences throughout the years. These works tell a story of his victory over numerous struggles including childhood abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and the intergenerational impacts of residential schools. He has spent the last 30 years working in media and communications as a newspaper reporter, columnist, radio producer, broadcaster, documentary producer, and award-winning author. He has drawn national attention for the rich, motivating story of his life “For Joshua: An Obijway Father Teaches His Son” and for his novel “Keepern’ Me” which is taught extensively in Canadian Universities. He was the first Aboriginal Canadian to be awarded a National Newspaper Award for column writing with many accolades in the same category to follow. In addition to his writing, Mr. Wagamese is also an inspirational speaker and lecturer and through his work has raised awareness of the strength, spirit and power of Indigenous Peoples. He now resides in British Columbia.