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Jennine Krauchi

Culture, Heritage & Spirituality (2023)

Manitoba Métis Federation, MB

World-renowned artist Jennine Krauchi began her inspirational artistic journey at the kitchen table, surrounded by her father’s clothing and her mother’s beadwork. Her mastery of traditional Métis beadwork coupled with her vibrant designs have educated  thousands about Métis culture. With an innovative mastery of techniques in multiple media, Jennine has not only preserved and restored important Métis cultural artifacts, but also created new ones, teaching the world about the richness, strength, and beauty of Métis culture through her art.

Jennine’s work appears in hundreds of collections of Métis art, featuring prominently in many Canadian museums including the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and in museums as far away as Scotland, France, and the USA. She combines her artistic facility and her deep knowledge of Métis history with a passion for instructing, teaching multiple workshops. She has created clothing and regalia for both influential public figures and Indigenous youth just beginning their own creative journeys. Jennine’s multifaceted life – just like her remarkable body of work – exemplifies reconciliation in action.