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Gabrielle Fayant

Métis Youth Recipient (2015)

“Youth from all nations need to be ready to step into leadership roles so we can work towards the world of harmony and peace that our Elders, prophecies, and legends talk about.”

Gabrielle Fayant is the co-founder of the Assembly of Seven Generations (A7G), an Indigenous non-profit youth-led organization. Most recently she was appointed by Minister Carolyn Bennett as a youth advisor for the Indigenous Youth Voices Initiative.

Gabrielle is also the access producer, writer, and host of the TV show, Noongom, meaning today in Anishinabemowin, that highlights today’s realities of Indigenous peoples. She is also the co-host and producer of the Michif Hour on CKCU FM, a radio show that talks about Métis history and contemporary issues while exploring Métis artists, past and present.

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