Marion Meadmore

Law & Justice (2014)

“See a need, fill it and just do it!”

marionmeadmore_resBelieving that the time is now for Indigenous people in terms of their strengths, beliefs, and rights, Marion Meadmore has been working towards this for many years. Meadmore was a founder of a number of organizations throughout Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Canada. Between 1954 and 1968, she founded and helped develop five organizations that continue to evolve and develop today. In 1978, she earned her law degree and became the first Indigenous woman to be called to the bar in Canada. As a lawyer, she helped to establish the Canadian Indian Lawyer Association, now the Indigenous Bar Association.  In 1985, Meadmore was awarded the Order of Canada. Her work continued as a lawyer and consultant, taking her across Canada and North America. Since 2011, she has been actively involved on the National Council of Indigenous Elders for the Creation of Wealth Forum.