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Dr. Marlyn Cook

Health (2019)

Misipawistik Cree Nation, MB

In 1975, Marlyn Cook became a nurse, but after working in the healthcare system, decided she wanted to become a stronger advocate for the health of First Nations people. In 1987, she became the first First Nations woman to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. She knew something was missing from her training, so she began her journey to learn traditional healing. Her practice now weaves together western and traditional practices to ensure that the body, mind, and spirit of each patient is cared for. Dr. Marlyn Cook is a physician at the Ongomiizwin Health Services of the University of Manitoba and provides services to her home community of Misipawistik Cree Nation. She is the former Chief of Staff at Weeneebayko Area Health Authority and Weeneebayko Hospital in the James Bay region of Ontario. Dr. Marlyn Cook is among the first women physicians in Canada, paving the way for many Indigenous doctors who came after her. In 1990, she was one of a few Indigenous physicians in Canada. There are now hundreds.