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Title: First Nations Education Council

Category: Governance

Community: First Nations in Quebec

Indigenous Language Group: Cree, Algonkian

Region: Northern, Remote, Reserve

Source/School/Education Facility: First Nations Education Council

Grade: Grades K-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-8, Grades 9-12

Contact Information
Lead: Lise Bastien
Phone Number: 418.842.7672
Address: 95 rue de l'Ours Wendake, QC G0A 4V0

Summary Description:

The First Nations Education Council is an association built on the collective strength of all the Nations of Quebec with a common goal of offering quality education to all First Nations children. The First Nations Education Council will ensure that the goal of quality, holistic education, as defined by our members, and attained through complete jurisdictional autonomy over our education programs, will be achieved in a spirit of collaboration, respect, sharing, and commitment.

The FNEC’s form and function serves and supports the autonomy of the member community and the will of the collective. Thus, by its very purpose and intent, the FNEC has evolved into an effective, adaptable, fluid system of Indigenous governance.

The FNEC is essentially a federation of communities and a secretariat mandated by members to provide advocacy and supports (educational, advocacy, etc.) to facilitate local and regional efforts to build a second-level system as a means of strengthening local and collective capacity to best ensure student success (as defined by members).

The FNEC serves as a developing example of First Nation control of First Nation education. Control in this context is understood by members communities as self-determination guided by the community and influenced by local indigenous cultures.




FNEC ensures that all deliverables reflect the overall values, mission and vision of the organization as collectively defined by members. Specific to the work in community schools, the following is a non-exhaustive list of recent initiatives, supports, trainings and workshops:

  • First Nation Student Success Gatherings
  • Reading Symposium
  • Literacy Camps: Development and Delivery
  • Day Camp Monitor Training
  • “Improving Schools Together” Training
  • Developed Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
  • Regional Educational Development Roundtables
  • Student Information Systems
  •  Special Education Supports and Services
  • Guidance-Oriented Approaches

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