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Peer Support Educator Mentorship

Grow and Succeed as an Educator

Peer Support is a mentorship and leadership program for educators of Indigenous students. Indspire pairs educators from across Canada based on their professional learning goals and provides online support to this learning community through webinars, discussion forums and other professional development tools.


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For more information about Peer Support Mentorship and how you can participate, visit our page here.



If you have any questions regarding the Peer Support Mentorship program, please contact us at or 1.855.INDSPIRE (463.7747) x020.



Rivers to Success: Mentoring Indigenous Students

Figuring out your next steps after school? Let a mentor guide you!

Rivers to Success is a national mentorship program that supports the academic and career success of Indigenous students. Rivers has two streams of mentorship. We match Indigenous post-secondary students with high school students to support and encourage graduation and transition to post-secondary. Rivers also pairs Indigenous post-secondary students with professionals in relevant career fields. The mentoring relationship is driven by the mentee’s developmental goals and the mentor’s knowledge and experience.


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For more information about Rivers to Success and how you can participate, visit our page here.



If you have any questions regarding the Rivers to Success program, please contact us at or 1.855.INDSPIRE (463.7747) x271.



Meet our Mentees and Mentors!


Mentee Kris Meawasige & Mentor Tasha Smith, ON

“My mentor has been very supportive, encouraging and open to exploring ways to enhance my professional growth working in Indigenous education. I am thankful to have this opportunity to learn from the different perspectives and experiences that my mentor is able to share.”

– Kris Meawasige

Peer Support Mentor Billie-Jo Grant, St. Albert, AB

“Together my mentee and I inspire each other to learn, share, seek and develop transformational resources to build capacity for colleagues and students.”

– Billie-Jo Grant

Rivers to Success Mentee Paden Gordon-Reuben & Mentor Denyse, Inuvik, NT

“It is wonderful to see how many of our people are working hard at ensuring that Indigenous youth have equal access to education.”

– Paden Gordon-Reuben

Rivers to Success Mentor Tobey Berriault & Mentee Rose

“This partnership is excellent. We speak more as equals and help each other with both personal and professional issues.”

– Tobey Berriault, PhD Candidate Edinburgh University

Rivers to Success Mentor B. Foster

“As a mentor I am learning more about what others face and more about myself in an advisory role. It’s a great opportunity to inspire and assist students in achieving their dreams.”

– B. Foster, PhD Candidate Louisiana State University

Peer Support Mentor Danita Lewis, Comox, BC

“One of the biggest benefits is the relationship has turned from a professional one to a friendship and ally, in Indigenous education. At times there is a sense of disconnection and isolation and through this program I have gained a sense of belonging which creates a higher job satisfaction.”

– Danita Lewis

Rivers to Success Mentor & Mentee

“Joining Rivers is a smart step in creating a strong support network.”

– Shyral Racette, Rivers to Success Mentee, Mohawk College

Rivers to Success Mentor & Mentee

“Everyone must make time to mentor a youth or another woman, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to help the next generation find success through our already built networks!”

– Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Rivers to Success Mentor, Lakehead University