Award Categories


Artists, performers, writers,architects, singers, television personalities, etc.
Careers in business, finance, commerce, entrepreneurs, presidents, CEO’s, etc.
Elders, spiritual leaders, traditional languages, etc.
Teachers, trainers, college & university professors/lecturers, researchers, scientists, etc.
Careers in agriculture, energy, forestry, fisheries, mining, gas & oil, water, etc.
Medical doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, paramedics, psychiatrists, optometrists, pharmacists, traditional healers, etc.
Lawyers, judges, paralegals, court workers, traditional conflict resolution, etc.
Community leaders, Chiefs, counselors, elected officials at all levels, etc.
Careers in administration, social services, housing, public works, human resources, armed forces, veterans, journalism, etc.
Athletes, coaches, etc.
All accomplishments including those who have coped with residential school experiences.
First Nation (15-27)
Inuit (15-27)
Métis (15-27)