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Nurturing Capacity: Documenting Community Success

Indspire supports communities to improve educational outcomes through the documentation and evaluation of their innovative practices. This community-led process is supported by an Indspire-funded Indigenous scholar, who works with programs on the ground to provide training on data collection and evaluation methodology.

Program Benefits

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Indspire provides Indigenous communities with access to Indigenous researchers and scholars. Researchers work with communities to document innovative practices or programs, to showcase successes and to provide research tools and program strategies.
The community-based innovations usually have a strong cultural base and honour the local Indigenous knowledge system. These important practices need to be supported and communities need to be recognized for their innovation.
We hire regionally-based Indigenous researchers who are well-versed in Indigenous and western research methodologies. Researchers engage community members to work alongside them to articulate the project methodology and measures of success. Researchers turn community innovations into well-documented successful practices or programs that are shared through the K-12 Indspire Institute.
Indigenous educators vet the program applicants guided by a set of seven principles established through national consultations. The committee reviews applications on a monthly basis.

Featured Project

Little Red Spirit, Aboriginal Head Start Program

Little Red Spirit, Aboriginal Head Start is a community-based early childhood education program for Indigenous children between the ages of 3 and 6. Programming is based on six key components: culture and language, education, health promotion, nutrition, social support, and parental involvement. In addition to interviews with parents, teachers and program staff, the evaluation methodology includes an experimental design that assesses the academic outcomes (math, reading, writing, and school attendance) of former Little Red Spirit students currently attending Grades 1-6 at Dufferin School in Winnipeg. The findings of this evaluation reveal that former Little Red Spirit students exhibited higher attendance levels and more favourable teacher-rated math, reading, and writing assessments compared to a grade-matched group of peers who had not attended the program. Furthermore, current Little Red Spirit participants also demonstrated a high degree of positive change with regard to their academic and social development skills since joining the program.

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