Nurturing Capacity: Documenting Community Success

Document and Share Your Innovative Practices

Through Nurturing Capacity: Documenting Community Success, Indspire assists communities to document, evaluate, and share their success with education stakeholders across Canada. This community-led process is supported by an Indspire funded Indigenous scholar, that scholar works with programs on the ground to write the report and to provide training on data collection and evaluation methodology and works with them in the production of a final evaluation and report on the initiative.













Program Benefits

We work directly with Indigenous communities

Indspire provides Indigenous communities with access to Indigenous researchers and scholars. Researchers work with communities to document innovative K-12 practices, programs or initiatives that support Indigenous education, to showcase successes and to provide research tools and program strategies.

We honour local Indigenous knowledge systems

The community-based innovations usually have a strong cultural base and honour the local Indigenous knowledge system. These important practices need to be supported and communities need to be recognized for their innovation. These good initiatives in K-12 education are shared on the Indspire website so that other communities across the country can learn about these innovations and possibly contact the community to learn more about the good work that they are doing to support Indigenous students.

We hire Indigenous researchers

We hire regionally-based Indigenous researchers who are well-versed in Indigenous and western research methodologies. Researchers engage community members to work alongside them to articulate the project methodology and measures of success. Researchers turn community innovations into well-documented successful practices or programs. These reports are given to the community and shared through the K-12 Indspire Institute. The researchers usually work with Indigenous university research assistants to help mentor and provide experience to the next generation of researchers.

Benefits of Nurturing Capacity reports

The Nurturing Capacity reports help both the community that has a report completed and other communities across the country. The reports highlight and celebrate the good work the communities have been doing. The communities have used the Nurturing Capacity reports to help them: increase staff; keep programs running; expand a program; add portables; build new schools and obtain new community partners. Some of the communities have received community, provincial, and international awards and opportunities to speak across the country and some internationally. The communities help support other communities seeking to make positive changes to help their Indigenous students by sharing their reports on the Indspire website. Other communities often travel to see the initiatives and talk with the people behind it. Nurturing Capacity is helping to build a network across the country where we share our knowledge and help each other achieve success for Indigenous students.


Featured Project

On the Land Education, Deh Gah Elementary and Secondary School, Fort Providence, NT

Located at Fort Providence in Deh Cho Territory in the southeastern corner of the Northwest Territories, Deh Gah Elementary and Secondary School is implementing a successful On the Land Education initiative. By making fundamental changes to scheduling of the school calendar year, adjustments to the curriculum and program of study, Indigenous students are increasingly graduating from high school to pursue post-secondary education opportunities. Evidence continues to come forward as students involved with the program are currently enrolled in universities, colleges and work force opportunities across Canada. Supported by long-term partnerships with the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, Government of Northwest Territories, Deh Cho Divisional Education Council and Deh Cho First Nations, Deh Gah Elementary and Secondary School is leading the way. The Deh Gah Elementary and Secondary School has strategically focused on the support of teaching and the learning of Dene language, culture, heritage and lifestyle. Specific outcomes include increased school attendance, course completion rates, number of credits earned as well as increased student performance and retention.


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Indspire assists communities to document, evaluate, and share their success through Nurturing Capacity. Indspire funds an Indigenous scholar to work with the community to write the report and to provide training on data collection and evaluation methodology. The researcher works with the community in the production of a report that evaluates the initiative. Do you have a K-12 initiative that is helping Indigenous students that you would like documented?

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