K-12 Institute: Nurturing Capacity Evaluation Reports

Indspire supports communities to improve educational outcomes through the documentation and evaluation of their innovative practices. This community-led process is supported by an Indspire-funded Indigenous scholar, who works with programs on the ground to provide training on data collection and evaluation methodology. Nurturing Capacity projects are proven Successful Practices.

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Ojibwe Bilingual Program

A dual-track program in Winnipeg, MB, where students receive 50% of their school day instruction in the Ojibwe language and 50% of the day in English.

Mother Earth’s Children’s Charter School

Established to help provide Indigenous students with an education based strongly on cultural context rather than a traditional western educational model.

Streetfront Alternative Program

A program that consists of 60% academic components that are highly individualized and 40% physical components including running, hiking, camping and sports.

Four Directions First Nations, Métis and Inuit Graduation Coach Approach

A program emphasizing a focus on the individual needs of students and ensuring that supports are in place for their success. Also uses real-time communication to provide helpful information.

Collective Ownership of Aboriginal Education

An educational approach activated through collaborative, culturally-grounded, place-based practices. Creating safety and trust in the classroom results in high levels of student confidence.

On the Land Education

Systemic and structural changes to academic school year and program of study resulted in increased: attendance, course completion rates, number of credits earned, student performance and retention.

Nurturing Circle – Enhancing Graduation: A Secondary School Support Program for Indigenous Youth

Supporting Indigenous students to complete high school by provided a safe space within the school to connect with adults from their community, and receive academic and emotional support services.

Francophone Indigenous Resources

Increasing awareness and the inclusion of Indigenous programming have led to increased self-identification on the part of Indigenous families and to improved school performance.

Geering Up: UBC Engineering and Science for Kids

Non-profit organization with the mandate of promoting STEM. Initiated a community outreach programs to First Nations communities in British Columbia consisting of one-week summer camps.

Miyo Wahkohtowin Education – école alternative Ehpewapahk

Une école de transition offrant un environnement différent où les élèves travaillent à l’amélioration de leurs compétences en lecture, rédaction, calcul, bien-être personnel, préparation à l'emploi.

Programme de culture métisse de l’école communautaire Westmount

Marie des cours basés sur la culture métisse avec des activités parascolaires et vise à accroître la réussite scolaire des élèves tout en améliorant la confiance et en développant des compétences.

Centre High Campus – programme de transition pour les Autochtones

Appuie le savoir, les protocoles et les traditions autochtones les considérant comme des éléments fondamentaux permettant d’aider les élèves à atteindre l'excellence scolaire.