Indspire has been given a four-star rating and named a Top 10 Impact Charity for 2017 by Charity Intelligence. In addition, Financial Post has named Indspire as one of the most trusted and accountable charities in Canada for 2017

Indspire strives to be efficient, accountable, transparent and responsible, and will continue to consistently report detailed, accurate data about its operations so that donors can be assured in the decisions they make about charitable giving. Financial Post releases an annual report card for charities every year, focusing on accountability, and Indspire keeps good company with the other nine charities they’ve highlighted as the sector’s best examples of financial prudence, transparency and accountability.
When it comes to the social impact, Indspire’s programs create for every dollar donated, its 4-star rating from Charity Intelligence is based on high scores in Donor Accountability, Financial Transparency, Program Cost Coverage and Cost-Efficiency.

Once again gave Indspire their four-star rating, and named us a Top 10 Impact Charity for 2017
For the third year, Indspire has been named a Top 25 A-Rated Charity
 Indspire continues to be efficient and effective in its work to help thousands of Indigenous students and educators across Canada each year.
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