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Mee-Noo-Pee-Mah-Tee-See-We-Nah-Askik "Living the Good Life on the Land" Lessons and Curriculum Connections

Jun 23 2017
Topic: Community Strategy
Grade: Grades 9-12


This webinar discusses further the lesson plans and curriculum connections for a land-based program for at-risk and special education students. This 2 credit high-school program implemented by at Mamawmatawa Holistic Education Centre in Constance Lake First Nation was designed to incorporate traditional practices from the land and its people.  The goal is to re-engage students through land-based practices so that the students will develop a stronger sense of self-identity.

Participants will learn…

  • How land-based practices can be incorporated into high school curriculum
  • How to structure a land-based program
  • How to possibly meet student need and re-engage students through land-based programming

Presenter: Patrik Lowen works as a Special Education Support Technician for Chiefs of Ontario. Previous to that Patrik spent  11 years at Mamawmatawa Holistic Education Centre in Constance Lake First Nation.  During those years he served as a teacher, student success leader, guidance counsellor, and principal.  Patrik’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and a specialist in Special Education and Career and Guidance and he is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

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