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Empowering Our Youth: Life Skills and Mentorship for Indigenous (2016 National Gathering)

Nov 05 2016
Topic: Classroom Strategy
Grade: Grades 7-8, Grades 9-12


Indigenous youth today face a wide range of complex self-confidence and self esteem issues, many of which will become most apparent during their school years. Research has shown that negative body image, self-deprecation, and poor self esteem correlate with lower concentration and participation in school/class, and can affect school attendance and engagement. In this workshop, participants will be able to adequately describe the connection between body-mind-spirit and make connections to traditional teachings; learn about the importance of role models and mentorship and how these can influence Indigenous student learning outcomes and become familiar with workshops and programs available to Indigenous youth to encourage self-confidence and healthy living. Recorded at the 2016 National Gathering for Indigenous Education.

Presenters: Kyle Nobess, Actor / Mentor,, Toronto, ON and Claudia Daniels, Teacher/Consultant, CSDCCS/4 Directions Consulting, Pelham, ON.

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