National Gathering APP 

New this year, Indspire has a powerful National Gathering for Indigenous Education APP.


The APP allows for quick and easy access to information about the conference. With this APP, attendees can:

  • Access the workshop schedule and workshop locations
  • Instantly see updates to the schedule
  • Stay informed with push notifications
  • Personalize workshop schedule and set reminders
  • Actively participate in sessions through live polling
  • Share memorable conference photos
  • Use the bulletin board to interact with each other
  • Network by making profiles and connecting through social media accounts
  • View other attendee profiles and send in-APP messages
  • And more!

Attendees can access event information anywhere, even without Wi-Fi or data services. Don’t have an iPhone or Andriod phone? No worries! An event website is also created to keep attendees up-to-date with the event. Check it out in your browser here.


What benefits does APP provide for attendees?

Attendees get all the information for the event in one convenient location including:

  • Agenda for the event
  • A list of all the attendees attending the event
  • The logistics of the event (parking, maps, etc)

Attendees are able to network by:

  • Sending messages to other attendees through the APP
  • Scanning business cards and storing the contact information
  • Exchanging contact information digitally through the APP

Attendees can also share experiences by uploading pictures taken at the event to the APP or tweeting directly from the APP, even if they don’t have their own twitter account.

Some attendees may not have iPhones/Android phones. Is there any way to still use the services?

Attendees who do not have an iPhone or an Android phone can still access information displayed on the APP, such as the basic information, the agenda, e-material, etc., through their tablet or laptop.  View in your browser here.