William Commanda

Elder, Shaman, prophesy holder, historian, environmentalist and master canoe maker William Commanda, a 96-year-old Algonquin is highly regarded in the Aboriginal community and around the world as a revered elder who works tirelessly towards environmental stewardship, racial harmony and cultural understanding. Passionately interested in history, he has secured and annotated a rare collection of material documenting indigenous issues, while he is equally interested in global events.

Elder Commanda is honoured for a number of outstanding achievements, described in his book Learning from a Kindergarten Dropout; He is acknowledged as a master canoe builder, having built over 75 birch bark canoes including one for Queen Margrethe of Denmark. He holds an honorary doctorate degree and has been appointed Officer of the Order of Canada.

Some might describe Grandfather Commanda as North America’s very ownDalai Lama. Many now believe that William Commanda holds a meaningful vision of good like for all, particular during times of global unrest. He actively promotes sustainable relationships, a concept that celebrates biodiversity and life in all forms. He works hard to advance his vision for an Indigenous healing and peace building centre on Victoria Island, the ancient meeting place of his ancestors in the national capital region.