Viola Robinson

Law & Justice (2013)

“The journey is not always smooth. The challenge in overcoming obstacles requires great dedication
and perseverance to not allow to be diverted from your goal and success.”

She has dedicated much of her life and career to advocacy work for justice towards the rights of Mi’kmaq and all Indigenous people. Robinson began her work in 1975, becoming the the voice for those individuals who were discriminated against for living off reserves or were without status. She is the founder and long-time President of the Native Council of Nova Scotia. In 1990 she was elected as President of the then Native Council of Canada, now known as the Congress of Aboriginal People. 10 months later she was appointed Commissioner for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. In more recent years, she worked with the Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative, becoming the lead negotiator and is currently active in that position. She also sits as Chair for the Order of Nova Scotia Advisory Council. Robinson has received both the Order of Nova Scotia and the Order of Canada for her many contributions to the well-being of Mi’kmaq and Indigenous people throughout Canada.