Richard Stewart Hardy

Environment and Natural Resources (2012)

“I am committed to honouring our traditions while building our future.”

Indigenous youth will see promise in the work Richard Stewart Hardy has done to protect natural aquaculture and preserving the shellfish harvesting grounds of K’omoks First Nation. After graduating at the top of a shellfish aquaculture course in 2001, he was chosen to work on behalf of his community in developing Pentlatch Seafoods Ltd. In 2004, he was appointed by the Board of Directors to be the Manager of the corporation and has held this position for the past seven years. He has taken the company from concept to where it is now well respected by all levels of government and is currently the third largest shellfish grower in the region. Under his leadership, Pentlatch Seafoods Ltd. focuses on water quality and continues to plant millions of clam and oyster seeds in the community’s traditional waters every year. Mr. Hardy’s commitment to both community and environment will leave a lasting legacy reflecting the culture and traditions of his people.