Minnie Grey

Public Service (2012)

“Get involved in matters that are important for your people and your community.
No matter how small your contribution is it can make a difference.”

Minnie Grey is devoted to improving the quality of life for Inuit People in Nunavik and across the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States, Russia and Greenland. Being from Nunavik, she has served in a variety of capacities to advance social and economic conditions not only in her community but in other Indigenous communities across Canada. As Chairperson for the Nunavik Regional Partnership Committee, a member of the Circumpolar Inuit Health Steering Committee as well as assisting in the establishment and served on the Board of Directors for the National Aboriginal Health Organization, her work is seen both nationally and internationally. Currently she is leading negotiations for an agreement between the Canadian and Quebec governments and the Makivik Corporation to create a Nunuvik Regional Government. Amongst these efforts, Ms. Grey has chaired the coordination committee to address and improve youth protection services in Nunuvik since 2007. She is currently working to implement recommendations from the 2008 Quebec Human Rights Commission report on Nunavik Youth. http://youtu.be/svh_EnZvoVU