Lolly Annahatak

An active champion of those who are challenged and one who led by example, Lolly Annahatak never let her blindness interfere with her pursuit of life. Born on the Ungava Coast near Kangirsuk, Quebec, in the area of Nunavik, Ms. Annahatak was raised by her grandmother, with the support of her community and elders. She was diagnosed with infant glaucoma at age 3, and at age 16, she lost her sight. Ms. Annahatak has broken many disability barriers in Nunavik; she was the first student guidance counselor for the Kativik School Board and the first Inuk to earn a Certificate in Northern Social Work. Later, armed with a Bachelor of Social Work from McGill University, Ms. Annahatak began her professional life as one of the first community social workers in Nunavik. The Kativik Regional Government awarded her the Nunavik Academic Achievement Award.

Ms. Annahatak translates and teaches courses in the McGill University Certificate Program in Northern Social Work Practice. She has visited many communities of Nunavik to conduct research for the Nunavik Health Board on the needs of persons with disabilities.  She worked with the Tapiriilirniq committee that was established in 2000 to conduct a field trip, for the purpose of promoting a grassroots awareness of the need for elders and youth to ‘join together for strength’. She was a member of the Inuit Justice Task Force and president of NI, a regional organization devoted to the eradication of substance abuse.

Ms. Annahatak is currently a part of the Aboriginal First Nation Suicidal Prevention Committee for the Province of Quebec. Lolly Annahatak lives in Kuujjuaq, Quebec and works for the Tulattavik Hospital as a community social worker and team leader in her fieldwork for social assistance in the Ungava region.