Lloyd (Sonny) Flett

Environment & Natural Resources (2013)

“Starting out is not always easy but hard work always pays off.”

Living his entire life in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, he has devoted his efforts to protecting the environment while working in partnership with developing industries. In 1993, Flett co-managed the Traditional Knowledge Component for the Northern River Basin Study. It ensured traditional knowledge would play a key role in the expansion of the area pulp mill. As development increased in northern Alberta, he realized the need to further Indigenous economic development. This led him to develop joint ventures between the M├ętis local, two First Nations in the municipality of Wood Buffalo and business partners. This led to the establishment of Akita Wood Buffalo and Wood Buffalo Catering Ltd. As co-founder to both, he remains active as Chairman of the board to Akita Drilling and member of the executive committee, spokesperson, and lead negotiator for Wood Buffalo Catering Ltd. Flett is currently serving his fourth term as Councillor for the Fort Chipewyan Municipal Government and continues his work to fuse traditional knowledge with modern development while continuing to maintain the environment.