Fred Carmichael

It doesn’t take Fred Carmichael long to speak the truth, in fact, that’s all he knows how to do. For a politician that’s rare. But then Fred is no average politician. It’s people first and that’s the way he’s always conducted his work ethic. The voice in him won’t let him, and the pilot in him won’t allow him to veer off course for a second.

As the first Aboriginal pilot in the NWT, he purchased his first plane with flight and freedom in mind. He knows his home intimately. Born and raised on the trap line, with over 50 years experience flying bush places over the western Arctic, Carmichael knows his region well. He knows the strength and scope of it and its capacity to provide a prosperous future for his people. From one plane to a successful airline company, Carmichael is currently negotiating one of the largest construction projects in Canada, The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline. It’s truth he speaks and respect he demands.

He’s currently the Chair for the Aboriginal Pipeline Group and a second-term President of the Gwich’in Tribal Council piloting the direction for a successful cultural and socio-economic future which includes building a foundation for self-government. And as any good pilot knows, the destination is as important as the flight.