Frank Hansen

Frank Hansen was born in Aklavik, NWT in 1944.  One of twelve children, he graduated from high school in Inuvik and then travelled to Calgary, where he graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta.  Mr. Hansen is an astute businessman, with an entrepreneurial spirit who has successfully built Hansen Petroleum Products, a business that delivers petroleum to northern residences and businesses.  His early career centered on the oil and gas business, working on the feasibility study for the proposed McKenzie Valley Pipeline, and late forming business structures to manage the Inuvialuit Land Claim funds transferred from the federal government in 1984.  As Chairman of the Inuvialuit Development Corporation for seven years, he worked to diversify the corporation’s interests to 22 subsidiaries and revenues exceeding $80 million per annum.  Mr. Hansen was also the Chairman of the Board of the Norterra Group of Companies, a transportation and manufacturing company with revenues exceeding $125 million.  He is a board member of NorthwesTel, Canadian Aboriginal Economic Development, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists, the NWT Arts Council, the Science Advisory Board of the NWT, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to name a few.  He has also contributed his time and money to community activities, co-creating with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Strings Across the Sky, a program that teaches music to youth.  Mr. Hansen himself plays many musical instruments, and lives in Inuvik with his wife Sandra and two children.