Evan Tlesla II Adams

Health (2014)

“Having a role model is important, but I think finding your own individual journey is critical.”

drevantlesla_II_resDr. Evan Tlesla II Adams is currently the Deputy Provincial Health Officer with responsibility for Indigenous health for the province of British Columbia. In this role since 2012, Adams works to support the development and operations of the First Nations Health Authority as well as reporting on the health of Indigenous people in the province. He is the past President of the Indigenous Physicians’ Association of Canada and former Director of the Division of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health, UBC Department of Family Practice. Adams was the recipient of the 2005 Family Medicine Resident Leadership Award from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and the 2005 national winner of the Murray Stalker Award from the CFPC Research and Education Foundation. Also an established actor, Adams has received multiple awards for acting and has been a part of numerous television shows and movies, including the Emmy winning TV-movie “Lost in the Barrens.”