Edward John

Politics (2012)

“Revel in your fond memories, dream for a better future; but today don’t let the world pass you by, act on your plans.”

Grand Chief Edward John has dedicated most of his life to champion the rights and interests of Indigenous Peoples in the pursuit of social and economic justice across Canada and the world. Having worked as a leader in business, community development and politics, his work can be seen in many capacities over his distinguished career. His work as political leader led him to such roles as a member of the British Columbia Claims Task force, tribal chief of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, Co-Chair of the North American Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus and participation in the development of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples among many more. He is currently serving his ninth consecutive term as a member of the First Nations Summit Political Executive. A passionate leader, Grand Chief John continues to be instrumental in significant legal arguments involving Aboriginal and treaty rights. http://youtu.be/hRws05CfZnQ