Dr. Paulette C. Tremblay (Education)

Education (2015)

“To experience success, it is essential to know who you are; to be connected to Mother Earth;
and to be dedicated to achieving the goals you set with passion, focus, and love.”

PauletteTremblay_resPaulette has worked in the public sector for almost 40 years. Formerly she was the CEO for the National Aboriginal Health Organization from 2008 to 2011. She was the Director of Education at the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation from 2005 to 2008 and the Senior Administrative Officer for the Six Nations Council from 2002 to 2005. She has been a former professor at the Six Nations Polytechnic Institute, Algonquin College and the University of Ottawa. She was also the Director of Education for the Assembly of First Nations for five years. She has been a curriculum designer; educational, evaluation and training consultant for the private sector; a management instructor, consultant and policy analyst for the federal government; and a high school teacher and counselor. The author of many reports, articles and educational curricula, she became the Director of Education and Training for AFOA Canada in 2012. Since November 2012, she is serving as the National Advisory Committee Chair for the Purdy Crawford Chair at Cape Breton University, and as an Associate Professor with the Indigenous Knowledge Centre at Six Nations Polytechnic since October 2008.