Douglas Golosky

Douglas Golosky was born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta. In 1984, after many years working as a welder, he established his own company, Clearwater Welding & Fabricating Ltd., which is now a part of The Golosky Group of Companies, headquartered in Fort McMurray. Mr. Golosky started with two employees and now oversees a workforce of a thousand people. His companies provide a wide variety of industrial products and services to various clients in the oil/gas, oil sands, pulp/paper and construction industries. An innovative and creative entrepreneur, Mr. Golosky is focused on research and development. One of his companies, Matrix Wear Technologies, designed a robotic computerized machine to produce longer pipe. He supports apprenticeships; more than 200 certified journeymen, who completed their apprenticeships while employed by Mr. Golosky, are currently employed in the trades.

Mr. Golosky has been awarded the Regional Aboriginal Recognition “Entrepreneurial Award”, Syncrude Canada’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Hiring/Training Practices with Aboriginal Population. He received the President’s Award, the Ivan Ahenakew Award of the Interprovincial Association on Native Employment, and he was the Alberta Provincial winner of the National Association for Excellence in Business Education Partnerships from the Conference Board of Canada. With a high school education, Mr. Golosky, as owner/president of The Golosky Group of Companies, has made his goals for First Nations, Métis and Inuit people a reality. Douglas Golosky lives in Fort McMurray, AB.