David Nahwegahbow

A true legal warrior, David Nahwegahbow is making significant contributions to the cause of Indigenous rights and entitlement in the planet’s forest resources. He has fought hard and won against injustices committed against the poor and powerless by the Crown and major companies. His advocacy for of Aboriginal people s  and search for justice is unwavering. His work ethic is steadfast and his style inspiring. He works like no other.

Among the first Anishinabe lawyers in the country Nahwegahbow first felt the pull of the legal system as a young high school student annoyed by how Aboriginal people were portrayed in history books. With his father the chief of the community he was introduced to political issues throughout his life. Law seemed a natural step for a do-right youth with a penchant for justice.

The search for justice saw Nahwegahbow excel in law, set up his own firm and move directly into the thick of it with human rights cases, self government issues and land claims. He made a deep impact, steadily building one of the top Aboriginal law practices in the country.

A founding member of Canada’s Indigenous Bar Association, he has actively worked with Indigenous professionals in other countries pursuing the rights of Indigenous peoples internationally. Mr. Nahwegahbow continues to volunteer his time speaking at conferences, both nationally and internationally, as well as speaking at high schools and elementary schools on the importance of the law while ensuring a positive bridging of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal relations.

The heights of his legal warrior status are unlimited.