Charlie Snowshoe

Environment & Natural Resources (2014)

“Take obstacles as they come and deal with them. Sometimes you need to be resilient and just go for it.”

charliesnowshoe_resAs an influential leader, Charlie Snowshoe has worked tirelessly to keep the lands protected for future generations and has spent the better part of his life dealing with environmental issues. He is currently fighting for the Peel River Watershed which he believes should not be mined and kept preserved. The Peel River lies in front of Snowshoe’s home town Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories. He has spent many years out on the land and river from where he would harvest fish, moose, beaver and muskrats. Snowshoe has received numerous awards for his work including the Commemorative medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada in 1992, the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award in Environmental Impact Assessment for Western and Northern Canada Affiliate of the International Association for Impact Assessment, and in 2008 the Gwich’in Achievement Award for Land and Environment.