Brenda La Rose (Business and Commerce)

Business and Commerce (2015)

“The Creator gives everyone gifts and talents. Our job is to find out what they are and to use them.
When we do, we are happy, successful, and very fulfilled

BrendaLarose_resBrenda started her own executive search firm, Higgins International, after seeing discrimination displayed toward her people at her previous job. But she saw qualities and huge potential in them and began placing them in leadership roles across Canada. Higgins was the first Indigenous business in Canada to receive the Gold-level Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Award from the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB) in 2005, 2011, and 2014. With a proven track record for placing many of North America’s Indigenous executives at senior management, executive and board levels across a wide range of sectors and industries, Higgins has earned a reputation as the premier provider of Indigenous executive search services.[:fr]