Annie Paingut Peterloosie

Ms. Peterloosie was born in Akunniq, a camp between Hall Beach and Iglulik on Baffin Island. She spent the first 25 years of her life living off the land, following the migration of the caribou and hunting and fishing in summer camps. In 1963, her family settled in the Arctic Bay area but continued a subsistence lifestyle. In 1981, she moved to Pond Inlet. She devoted her life to retaining her traditional lifestyle and sharing that knowledge with children and youth. Hired by renowned filmmaker John Huston for Diet of Souls and Kivique; these films had tremendous effect on Inuit culture. She was committed to sustaining the spirituality and mental health of her community and had worked as an addictions counselor, and an advisor to the judges in the Nunavut Court Services on matters of traditional healing and community sensitivities when sentencing convicted persons. She also acted as a counselor and healer for individuals in outpost camps who have recently gone through the court system.