Albert Charles Rock

From a devastating auto accident that almost took his life, Albert Rock invented a future.  Unsatisfied with medical technology used in his rehabilitation, he devised a means of measuring blood flow and muscle temperature in the affected areas of his body.  He led the rehabilitation team and recovered completely through ingenuity and old fashioned hard work.  The device he invented from a hospital bed in 1982 has become an extensive line of computerized Data Loggers now in use on NASA space shuttles and Indy Car racing teams.  Despite being diagnosed as dyslexic and attending 19 schools before achieving a grade 10 education, the 51 year old Métis has succeeded in carving a permanent niche for himself in the highest reaches of the global scientific community.  He is an entrepreneur, technical consultant, product developer, and Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of ACR Systems Inc., a multi-million dollar technological enterprise with a growing network of worldwide distributors and dealers.  Mr. Rock dedicates huge portions of his time to helping coastal First Nations develop a design and development facility, teaching technical applications and maintenance, and establishing schools on reserves specializing in boiler ser-up and maintenance.  He has been President of the British Columbia Track Racing Association.  He received the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for his creativity, success and example.