Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply to become a mentor or mentee?

High School Students

Apply to get a mentor here Get a Mentor

Post-Secondary Students

Apply to get a mentor here Get a Mentor

Apply to be a Mentor

Apply to be a mentor here Be a Mentor


What is the time commitment to be a mentor?

Mentors must be willing to commit to monthly contacts with their mentee.


What is the benefit of being a mentor?

Mentors develop strong leadership skills, help provide Indigenous students with resources to transition into post secondary education or the work force. They also learn about the unique challenges Indigenous students face.


Why is mentorship important?

Mentors help students meet the challenges of education and the work place. Mentorship provides role models. Many Indigenous students are the first members of their family to attend post secondary school or to enter sectors of the workforce, which lack strong Indigenous representation. Mentorship enables students to bridge these challenges.


Is there any training or guidance provided?

Yes, training is provided for mentors and mentees who receive ongoing support from the staff.


Do mentors need to be Indigenous?

Indigenous post-secondary students can be mentors, mentees or both in the Rivers program. We welcome career professionals from diverse backgrounds to be mentors in the post-secondary to workforce mentorship stream.