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Peer Support: Educator Mentorship

Peer Support is a mentorship and leadership program for educators of Indigenous students. Indspire pairs educators from across Canada based on their professional learning goals and provides support online to this learning community through webinars, discussion forums, and other professional development tools.

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Testimonial of a Mentee


Who can be a mentor?

The following are criteria for participation in the program as a mentor:

  1. A minimum of five years teaching experience working in Indigenous education;
  2. Possess a strong understanding of mentorship to improve professional development;
  3. Have a repertoire of strategies to improve student achievement;
  4. Have had some success in positive outcomes for Indigenous students; and
  5. Be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude towards Indigenous education; and
  6. Must be able to commit to connecting once a month with his/her mentee for the duration of the program.

Who can be a mentee?

Mentees can be any of the following:

  1. Students in a Bachelor of Education program;
  2. Emerging educators;
  3. Educators in a new grade, community, or position; or
  4. Educators looking for Indigenous resources or ways to include Indigenous knowledge and culture in the classroom.
  5. Must be able to commit to connecting once a month with his/her mentee for the duration of the program.

For both mentors and mentees, Indigenous ancestry is an asset but not a requirement; partners in Indigenous education are welcome to participate.

Program Expectations

At Indspire, we have developed a framework for success to facilitate a positive collaborative relationship between participants. These are the steps that we ask you to follow.

An introduction will be made by email. Participants should initiate contact with each other within one month of receiving this email.

It will provide all of the information needed to guide a collaborative learning journey and establish a positive learning relationship.

Indspire’s K-12 Institute connects educators of Indigenous students with programs, resources, information, tools and a Professional Learning Community to improve educational outcomes and increase high school completion rates.

Communicate and collaborate with one another at least once per month. Choose specific dates and times to meet, whether it be by phone, Skype, in person, etc.

All mentors and mentees are required to watch the orientation webinar available on Indspire’s website and are expected to participate in at least two other monthly professional development webinars during the program.

Participants are expected to complete three surveys for the duration of the program. The first survey will be emailed within one month of the match, the second in the winter and final survey in the spring.



For more info, please contact us: | 1.855.INDSPIRE (463.7747) x020

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