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The premiere aboriginal language television series in North America educating Inuit children (age 5-7) with cultural values such as respect for elders, sharing and patience.

Pirurvik Centre

Meaning "a place of growth" is a unique, non-government centre of excellence dedicated to Inuit Language, Culture and Wellbeing.

Soaring 2017 – Canadian Welding Association Foundation

Provides an overview of the foundation and welding careers. Includes a demo of the welding simulator.

Soaring 2017 – HSBC

Learn how Indigenous youth began careers in the banking industry, the importance of personal branding and interview skills.

Soaring 2017 – Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Listen to the experiences of Indigenous students who have positions through the Federal Student Work Experience Program.

Soaring 2017 – Bruce Power

Learn about a variety of careers with Bruce Power and the importance of communication.

The Secret Path

An animated film adaptation of Gord Downie's album and Jeff Lemire's graphic novel.

Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture

The Gabriel Dumont Institute welcomes you to a virtual Muesem which provides a systematic look at Métis history and culture.

Virtual Museum of Canada

The largest digital source of stories and experiences shared by Canada’s museums and heritage organizations. Also includes A Teachers' Centre with resources and lesson plans.

Canadian Museum of Civilization – Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage

An extraordinary resource documenting the histories and cultures of the Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.