K-12 Institute: Nurturing Capacity Evaluation Reports

Indspire supports communities to improve educational outcomes through the documentation and evaluation of their innovative practices. This community-led process is supported by an Indspire-funded Indigenous scholar, who works with programs on the ground to provide training on data collection and evaluation methodology. Nurturing Capacity projects are proven Successful Practices.

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Miyo Wahkohtowin Education – école alternative Ehpewapahk

Une école de transition offrant un environnement différent où les élèves travaillent à l’amélioration de leurs compétences en lecture, rédaction, calcul, bien-être personnel, préparation à l'emploi.

Programme de culture métisse de l’école communautaire Westmount

Marie des cours basés sur la culture métisse avec des activités parascolaires et vise à accroître la réussite scolaire des élèves tout en améliorant la confiance et en développant des compétences.

Centre High Campus – programme de transition pour les Autochtones

Appuie le savoir, les protocoles et les traditions autochtones les considérant comme des éléments fondamentaux permettant d’aider les élèves à atteindre l'excellence scolaire.


Community-based mentorship and outreach program supporting academic and social success. Encouraging credit accumulation while engaging in tutoring, career exploration, and community service.

Lakedell School Wahkotiwin Project

Part of an overall Indigenous policy that includes responsive practices within schools that meet the diverse needs of Indigenous students and their families.

Qeq College Transition Year Project

Kindergarten transition program for Indigenous families providing culturally-safe education. Language, culture, worldviews and ways of knowing are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Yellow Shawl Housing Program

A structured independent living program for youth between 16 to 21 years of age that supports youth with adequate housing while they complete their educational programming.

Restorative Practices

Restorative practices build healthy communities, increases social capital, reduces the impact of crime, decreases antisocial behavior, repairs harm and restores relationships.

Ehpewapahk Alternate School

A transition school offering a different environment where students work on improving literacy and math skills, personal wellness, employment preparation and life skills.

Westmount Community School’s Métis Cultural Program

Combines Métis-based classes with extracurricular activities and seeks to strengthen students’ academic success while improving confidence and developing critical social skills.

Physical Activity and Wellness Program (PAW)

Increased physical activity and wellness experiences leading to higher rates of wellness, community/parental engagement, a decrease in behavioural referrals, and gains in academic outcomes.

The Lightning Trail – Indigenous Youth Summer Retreat

One-week program is a learning experience that immerses Indigenous youth in the skilled trades. Infused throughout are the teachings, ceremonies, and worldview of Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepe