Other Planned Gifts

Support Indigenous Youth through your Estate and Financial Planning

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Gifts of Stocks or Securities

If you give a gift of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual fund units to Indspire, you will be 100% exempt from capital gains taxes, making this one of the easiest ways to give.


Gift of Life Insurance

There are two main ways to give a gift of life insurance: you can name Indspire as the beneficiary of an existing policy or you can purchase a policy and name Indspire as the owner and beneficiary of the policy.

This type of gift allows you to make a sizable gift with only small annual or monthly payments. In addition, there is a tax credit available for immediate tax relief.


Charitable Remainder Trusts

Your gift of cash or other property can be used to establish a charitable remainder trust. You receive the income from the trust, according to the terms set out when it was established and a tax receipt for the remainder. Indspire receives whatever remains in the trust after your death.


Gifts of Residual Interest

A residual interest gift is an arrangement where you irrevocably give real estate or personal property to Indspire while retaining the right to use the property for your life or for a term of years.



A charitable gift annuity is purchased, which allows you to receive a guaranteed annual income for life and it gives you the opportunity to support Indspire at the same time.


RRSP’s and RRIFs

You can name Indspire as a direct beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF, or Canada Pension assets and receive tax benefits as a result. This type of gift will transform potential tax liabilities in your final tax return into a gift to support Indspire.


Gifts in-Kind

A gift-in-kind is a gift of tangible property. This type of property can include works of art, jewelry, books, real estate, equipment, collections — virtually any physical object in your possession that has significant value.

While Indspire does consider gifts in-kind, we can only do so for gifts of significant value. We do not have the resources, unfortunately, to manage the collection and distribution of small gifts in-kind.


Please Seek Expert Advice

Indspire strongly recommends that you seek professional advice to ensure your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed and that your planned gift is tailored to your own circumstances.
We recommend that you consult your lawyer or estate planner regarding the specific wording of any charitable will bequest or other type of planned gift.


For more info, please contact

John Stanwyck, Director of Individual Giving
1.855.INDSPIRE (463.7747) x227

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