Get Involved With Indspire

Indspire welcomes the amazing support of individuals like you to help fundraise and spread the word about our work with Indigenous youth in Canada.

Every dollar counts in the work to ensure Canada’s next generation of Indigenous students are provided the tools and resources for success.

It’s easy to support Indspire when you involve your friends, family members or colleagues. As an Indspire Champion, you can invite others to join you in achieving a personal fundraising goal to support our work.

Below you will find ways for you to get involved and help ensure Canada’s Indigenous youth reach their full potential. To learn more, review our Fundraising Toolkit here


Fundraise Online

Online fundraising is a fantastic way to involve family and friends to support a cause. Admittedly fundraising is about asking for dollars, but even more so it is giving people an opportunity to be a part of the solution. In online fundraising you are only limited by your imagination in the ways you can give.

You can:

  • In lieu of gifts for birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, request that a donation be made to Indspire.
  • Set up a tribute website to honour, or celebrate someone special
  • Set up your own online campaign with GivingPages at CanadaHelps. Get more information, on CanadaHelps here.
  • Promote your personal fundraising GivingPage through your Facebook, Twitter or other social media account.
  • Pick a day of the year tied to your campaign that strongly relates to Indigenous culture or celebration such as National Aboriginal Day on June 21.


Host an Event

Put the “Fun” in Fundraising! Third party events that you organize are an amazing way to raise funds to support the work of Indspire. Whether you’re a first-time fundraiser or seasoned professional, we welcome your support. Events are an outstanding way to both raise dollars but they also work to provide much needed education and awareness of the needs for Indigenous education in Canada.


Charity Challenge

Interested in travel, adventure, and raising money which will benefit Indigenous education? Charity Challenge might be for you!

Visit the Charity Challenge website for more information.




For more info, please contact us: | 1.855.INDSPIRE(463.7747) x261